The EHRC Gov Solution

EHRCGov, a division of EHR Concepts, was created to be the solution: a women-owned small business that offers both a proven track record of excellent past performance and a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of doing business with the government.

Leadership with Experience

Our approach is leadership driven by understanding – and it makes a difference in every step of the process.

Our leadership and staff have been in the trenches: as government contractors, program managers, proposal managers, business development professionals and contract administrators. We have walked the halls of countless government agencies and sat alongside contracting officers and COTR’s to help develop and implement solutions. We have worked with contract staff and customers to provide the hands-on management and personal touch necessary to ensure employee retention, all¬¬ while navigating the unique boundaries of non-personal services. We have managed proposals, written proposals, supported proposals, won contracts and exceeded all delivery expectations.


Our proactive and comprehensive recruiting practices ensure that we can provide qualified and professional talent quickly, and that’s half the battle.

For over 10 years, EHR Concepts has provided outstanding support service and consulting solutions to more than 30 customers in 45 locations across the United States.  Staff augmentation is the cornerstone of our business. While we realize that government contracting requires a comprehensive solution when it comes to support services, success always begins with qualified and professional talent. Our experienced team of recruiters work around the clock to ensure we are able to provide top talent quickly, as soon as the need arises.  Our recruiting approach is proactive and begins long before we win a contract or are called upon to support a partner, ensuring we can meet challenging transition requirements. We partner with universities, professional organizations, local and state government as well as other specialty groups to identify and connect with top talent.


We maintain more than 95% retention by connecting with our employees, listening to their needs and going out of our way to meet those needs.

Each time a contractor is placed onsite to support a contract, an investment is made by EHRCGov, our partners and the government. Time, money and resources are spent to ensure their success and when a contractor leaves, much of that investment is lost. With that understanding, we take are take retention of our staff- whether they are transitioning incumbents or newly recruited employees- extremely seriously. We are proud of our 95% retention rate and have achieved this through connecting with our employees, understanding their needs and going out of our way to meet those needs. Our benefits packages are designed to go above and beyond industry standards, without passing on additional costs to our partners and the government. They are flexible according to contract need and individual requirement.

Program Management

Effective and hands-on management is crucial to success. EHRCGov gets involved and stays involved from day one.

We understand that our work does not end after we win a contract or place a contractor onsite at a government facility.  In fact, this is where the real work begins for EHRCGov. Doing business with the Federal government is different- especially when it comes to managing contracts that require support services. The requirements of non-personal services draw clear boundaries between the government and contractor staff, creating unique challenges for both parties. We understand that as the small business providing services to the government and our partners, it is our job to get involved and bridge the gaps that non-personal services creates. This hands-on approach to management starts with clear and constant communication with our government customers and partners so that we can understand and anticipate issues and respond accordingly. We make frequent site visits and build relationships with our employees to ensure they don’t feel lost in the shuffle.

Back End Support

Our company infrastructure was intentionally designed to support government requirements effectively and efficiently.

We understand that doing business with the government is different. There are more rules and regulations, unique challenges and greater accountability.  We have built our organization with this understanding in mind and apply this principal throughout every phase and department- including human resources, finance and contract administration. Each department is staffed and lead by industry experts- individuals who know how to do business with the Federal government. So, whether we are dealing with the requirements of the Service Contract Act, preparing invoices according to contract requirements, reviewing subcontracts or preparing pricing as a subcontractor, we are able to provide quality and effective support.

Proposal Leadership and Support

EHRCGov is a small business partner that will add value during and do more than our share during the proposal process.

When you partner with EHRCGov for your small business requirements, you are partnering with a company who can pull their weight during the proposal process. We believe in doing more than our part to ensure the success of whatever team we’re on, whether that be through technical writing, volume management, color team reviews or anything else. Our leadership includes proposal professionals who have extensive experience managing and supporting complex proposals for agencies such as Health and Human Services, NASA, Department of Energy, Department of Defense and more. We are skilled in writing and supporting proposals that are both compelling and compliant.

Capture and Growth

We will be an extension of your capture and business development team, going above and beyond to do our part and ensure success.

When we join forces with our partners, whether large or small, we are invested in the success of the team. We are seasoned professionals and will be an extension of your capture and business development team. Whether that means walking the halls of government agencies, completing extensive competitive/market analysis, attending events or meeting with the government to gain intel, we go above and beyond to do our part.